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    Have you noticed dust piles around your furniture? Are there any curvy lines on your floorboards? There can be bad news for you. Your home probably is under the attack of borers. Most homes in Australia have wooden items, which means, the constant danger of borer infestation. These wood-consuming insects are usually found in softwood and hardwood timbers and can be categorised as active or inactive depending upon their lifespan and seasoned timber. The best way to get rid of the problem is to replace or remove the timber, but hiring the professionals from 247 Pest Control for borer control Sydney has proved as a great help to residents.

    Common Borer Species in Australia

    Moist to Dry Timber Borers

    These borers are not categorised as a threat to humans. They require moisture to lay eggs and they live for a short time. Hence, there is no particular need to be anxious about borer infestation in cases of moist to dry timbers. The common names for this species are – Longicorn and Auger Beetle.

    Dry Timber Borers

    The most common names for these species are Anobium Borer (furniture beetle) and Lyctus Borer. These creatures relatively have a longer lifespan, from 1 – 3 years.

    • Anobium Borer is usually found in staircases and cupboards. They act slow and make the timber brittle over time. They do not attack/consume hardwood timber.
    • Lyctus Borer attacks sapwood timbers and hence the damage is limited, as sapwood consists of only 25% of structural timber, and the rest 75% is hardwood.

    Identifying Borer Infestation

    Certain signs can pick in the initial stages to treat the infestation.

    • Tunnels in the wood – These are galleries produced by borers.
    • Wood dust build-ups – These are dropping of borers, and can be noticed outside the holes.
    • Brittle floorboards – If you have noticed the floorboards have become weak, borer infestation is to be blamed.
    • Dead beetles – Noticing dead beetles around infested timber in the home.
    • Round/oval-shaped holes in timber – When you notice fresh holes in the round and oval shape in the timber, they are made by borers.
    • Ticking sound – Immature borers produce a ticking sound while producing the tunnels. The noise can be heard clearly in silence.

    How Do We Treat Borer Infestation?

    We have a team of experienced and trained pest controllers in Sydney who deliver a long-term solution for borer control Sydney, so our clients can have peace of mind that their property is in safe hands.


    We, first of all, inspect the affected areas to figure out the extent of an infestation and carry out the right, best borer control treatment.

    Eliminating Borer Larvae:

    Then we eliminate the larvae burrowing in the wood, as the main cause of damage. Our effective solutions will interrupt the lifecycle of larvae and hence thereby stopping the reproduction and further infestation.

    Specially Designed Solutions:

    We apply specially designed solutions to your timbers based on our client’s requirements. Our solutions are safe and effective, and when applied to timber, can linger for several months, giving protection again future infestation. You can also hire us for Cockroach Treatment in Sydney at a low cost.

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    Why Choose Us for Borer Control Sydney?

    The professionals of 247 Pest Control Sydney offer the best borer control treatment. We hold Certificate III in Pest Control which further makes us a trustable team in Sydney. Following are the reasons to choose us for borer control and protection in Sydney.

    • As the name says, we work 24×7 in Sydney.
    • We use effective borer control treatments and also provide future protection.
    • Our services are affordable.
    • With 10 years of experience and practice, we have saved many homes.
    • Weekend service available.
    • No obligation free quote available.

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