1.       Why do pests invade your house?

Pests, like any other living organisms, need three things to survive. These include water, food, and shelter. Unfortunately, your home offers access to all three factors. It makes your house the perfect place for pests to invade and make nests. That is why the elimination of all these factors can aid in making your home pest-free.

2.       Are pest control treatments safe for pets and children?

Yes, usually pest control treatments are safe for pets and children. In Australia, laws dictate that pest control companies must use pesticides that are in compliance with directions and dosages mentioned in the label. We use safe pest control sprays to make sure there is no danger to kids and pets. However, it is advisable to vacate the area to avoid inhalation issues.

3.       Can weather have an impact on pest control services?

Weather can have a potential impact on pest control services. It mainly depends on the nature of the service. In the case of indoor pest control treatment, the weather doesn’t make any difference. However, if an outside pest control treatment is on schedule, rain could wash away the spray. In that case, it depends on the pest controllers if they want to reschedule.

4.       Do carpenter ants feed on wood?

No, carpenter ants do not consume or feed on wood. However, they use wood to build smooth tunnels. Moreover, they excavate the wood into tunnels in order to create nests. However, termites, on the other hand, eat wood.

5.       How to prevent pests from entering your house?

There are several tips that you can follow to prevent pests from entering your house. These include –

  • Make sure the bathroom is clean.
  • Clean the kitchen regularly.
  • Install nets on windows.
  • Trim shrubs and maintain the backyard.
  • Dispose of garbage in lidded trash cans.
  • Soak up water spots as soon as possible.