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Welcome to 24/7 Pest Control Sydney for the best flea control Sydney. We are a company of experts who have been providing the best flea control treatment services for more than 15 years in Sydney. These are the little jumping pests that hop inside your house. Fleas feed on the blood of animals. Fleas bites can spread infections thus you should be alert to their presence. Quick action is very important to prevent the prospective damage that flea might cause.

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    Things To Consider About Fleas

    • Fleas can be seen during the summer and autumn feeding on the back of animals.
    • Fleas hop rather than fly. And they scarcely can survive without engulfing the blood of mammals.
    • If you want to detect flea infestation then you can look for them in your pet’s fur.
    • You can eliminate fleas with cold water.
    • Fleas cannot endure hot temperatures.
    • Fleas carry themselves on rodents and other animals and habitually stay on their hosts all the time.
    • A flea can merely live for 100 days.
    • Fleas are recognised for triggering the Bubonic disease. They further spread the bacterial virus murine typhus to people through poisoned mice.
    Flea Control Sydney

    Flea Control Service

    Harms They Pose

    • In a few tender pets, the flea sting will trigger ticklishness, redness, itching and hair loss.
    • Flea bites can also trigger weight loss in your pets.
    • Fleas can attack humans however don’t live on people’s skin or hair. Some plagues can be spread by fleas and disseminate to humans, including plague and cat scar disease.
    • The most common flea triggered disease is Bubonic disease.
    • Fleas saliva is an allergen that can trigger allergic effects in pets and people. Fleas can also spread tapeworms and trigger anemia in your pets.
    • Flea stings cause uncomfortable, tingling red swellings.
    • Therefore, Flea Control Sydney is necessary.

    Flea Prevention Tips

    • You should quickly consult a veterinarian to check your pets if they have any fleas.
    • You can also keep fleas away by giving a regular bath to your pets.
    • Comb your pet’s hair regularly. You can also dip the comb in cold water and then comb your pet’s fur. It will help to kill the fleas if there might linger.
    • Clean rugs, upholstery, and baseboards with a pesticide product specially marked as an inside insect growth regulator (IGR) to prevent fleas.
    • You can get help from a professional pest control service that offers Flea Control Sydney.
    Flea Prevention Service

    Commercial Flea Control Sydney

    Flea Control Sydney For Commercial Areas

    The professionals of 247 Pest Control Sydney are delivering the best flea control services to many commercial areas such as Hospitals, Restaurants, Schools, Shopping Malls and Factories. With the application of the latest and top-notch tools, we eliminate all types of pest infestations easily from all areas. Our service costs are affordable as well. Commercial areas should always be pest-free because pest presence in these areas can trigger infections and many problems. Thus a commercial pest treatment is vital to keep these areas safe from pets. Call us now for the best offers. You can also hire us for Fly Control Sydney for Home at a low cost on same day services.

    Why Choose 24/7 for Flea Control

    • 24/7 is popular for delivering the best Flea Control Sydney and many more pest control services.
    • We provide pest control services at cheap costs.
    • We have only hired experienced and adept technicians for the 24/7 flea treatment.
    • Our professionals have the precise knowledge and up-to-date tools to control all types of pest infestations.
    • We offer our flea extermination services throughout many commercial areas too.
    • 24*7 available crew.
    • Emergency services are available.
    • Call us and avail the best offers today.
    • We hold Certificate III in Pest Control which further makes us a trustable team in Sydney.

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