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Are pests like ants, rats, spiders and bed bugs the frequent cause of your worries? Are you hoping to land with an affordable pest control Solutions in Croydon? If your answer is yes, then you have landed at the right place. We at 247 Pest Control Sydney are your permanent help in all matters surrounding pests and critters.

Pests are difficult and they mean trouble. They not only cause substantial damage to your building, home or property but are also great contributors of health issues to humans and pets alike. Pests disrupt normal routine and their presence is not just a nuisance but makes the environment unsafe.

247 Pest Control Sydney has been a leading pest control eradication company that offers a professional and proficient team of experts that tackles pest issues in both commercial and residential spaces. We offer our services for removal and control of a wide spectrum of common pests using state of the art equipment, safe and eco friendly techniques to give permanent outcomes and a pest free environment making us the Best Pest Control Company in Croydon.

Our homes get vulnerable under pest infestation not just for their unwanted presence but because they put the lives of the elderly and children at risk with issues of contamination and infection. For a business enterprise the presence of pests is a serious concern that can be damaging for the image of the office, business or enterprise risking stores, supplies, staff and overall productivity.

We have been dedicated for a considerable time in the domain of pest control and have garnered valuable clientele who have increased by leaps and bounds with time giving us their stamp of approval. So do not delay and reach us today for Pest Control Services in Croydon and let the specialists get cracking at these irritants.

Importance of Local Pest Control in Croydon NSW

The problems of pests are unavoidable and sooner or later one or two different types of pests gain entry into our spaces and cause havoc. While we can try various home remedies or DIY methods to attack the infestation, the results of such efforts are very temporary. Hiring your local pest control in Croydon NSW brings in many benefits that are not only effective but long lasting. Pest issues requires professional attention because of a variety of reason such as-

What to do if you suspect a pest infestation

There are many ways to spot pest infestation like discovering dead carcasses of pests, unusual and odd smells in and around the house or property, or even seeing pests lurking around in the property. In case you suspect some kind of pest infestation, it is advisable to hire professional services rather than trying to solve the problems yourself. Even though do-it-yourself solutions may seem much cheaper than hiring professional pest control experts in Croydon, you should keep in mind that without proper knowledge and guidelines, DIY pest control can not only be less effective but may also pose danger to your family and pets.

Therefore, when you spot pests surfacing in your house, make sure to hire the best pest control company in Croydon so that their experienced and knowledgeable pest controllers and exterminators come and completely remove the problem from its roots and eliminate all the chances of pests reappearing in the future. 247 Pest Control Sydney provides you local pest control in Croydon with hundred percent pest elimination and service satisfaction guarantee.

Infections and health issues

Pests bring in hundreds of pathogens and other disease causing virus and bacteria that cause health upsets in both property owners and pets. Common pests like rats, spiders, fleas, ants and cockroaches can cause different health symptoms.

Property Damage

Pests can quietly enter, spread and affect your property incurring additional expenses. They can attack paper, wood, food storages and larders, wooden articles like floor boards, damage cloth, and documents and deface surfaces. They can also cause fires by attacking wires and electrical cords and insulation.


Pests and their exoskeleton or discarded skin, dust mites can trigger horrible allergies and breathing discomforts in the elderly as well as the sensitive members.

Food poisioning and contamination

Pests move through some of the dirtiest and most unhygienic places and carry germs and contaminants which they bring in. They contaminate food and utensils with their movement, droppings and urine giving rise to food borne diseases like diarrhea and food poisoning.

So whether at home or in your offices hiring Pest Control Croydon services becomes mandatory to maintain overall cleanliness and hygiene and avoid unnecessary complications brought in by pests. 247 Pest Control Sydney on first booking conducts precise identification of pest presence and safeguards your properties from further damage from pests. Call and request a quote today!

Top Pest Control Services In Croydon and The Services On Offer:

The sudden arrival of the pandemic has cemented the fact that pest control is essential for a clean and healthy environment where there is less diseases and the property is safeguarded. Croydon Pest Control Services is a round the clock service provider and trusted by a long list of property owners. Using cutting edge solutions and advanced methodology we eliminate pests to give you stress free life. We at 247 Pest Control Sydney offer a wide range of services which includes-

Bird Control

Birds deface buildings and the droppings are harmful if it contaminates food or water. We offer bird control using humane methods.

Ant Control

Ants are a nuisance and occur in large colonies. We use effective treatment for ant control.

Flea Control

Fleas are common pests that may bite not just your pets but you and your family members. We offer guaranteed flea control and treatment using smoke and sprays.

Rodent Control

Mice and Rats cause infections and damage to property. We offer effective rodent control using traps and baits.

Cockroach Control

We provide quick and excellent cockroach control solutions to give you a cockroach free home.

BedBug Control

This is one of the commonest pest issues and we provide chemical and heat treatment to remove bed bugs permanently.

Fly Control

Flies are a nuisance and another common pest. We give effective fly control.

Silverfish Control

These pests attack documents and papers and work silently destroying much. We eliminate their presence in your property. We provide very good treatment to eliminate them.

Spider Control

247 Pest Control Sydney provides excellent spider control.

Wasp Control

We offer wasp nest removal from your property.

Bees Control

We provide bee control services, bee removal and relocation from your property.

Possum removal

Possums can be very disturbing and create a lot of mess. They are safely removed and relocated by our expert possum removal service.

Benefits of Pest Control Services Croydon

Pest control is absolutely necessary to safeguard your residential and commercial properties from damage and also avoid health risks. The greatest benefit you reap from hiring Pest Control Services Croydon is fewer occurrences of allergies, diseases and infections.

Commercial property owners can benefit from pest control by eliminating the need to pay heavy staff medical bills from health issues caused by pests. They are an eyesore for the food and service industry and also cause damage to properties. So if you are looking for the Best Pest Control Company in Croydon, give us a ring at 247 Pest Control Sydney.

Our expert technical team believes in quality service and we deliver on time and result oriented solutions to get rid of your pest issues once and for all. Our customized solutions are very popular and affordable and we have the best treatment plans that can be scheduled according to client’s preference.

You might try DIY methods at home but for complete eradication you need professional help. With years of experience our technical personnel inspects your area of infestation and then after assessment executes the best solutions. Unlike DIY products that may be harmful chemicals, professionals use safe and eco-friendly solutions to bring results with no harm to you or your property.

Our Best Pest Control Process At 247 Pest Control Sydney

We at 247 Pest Control Sydney employ advanced methods and tools to eliminate all kinds of pests from your property. We begin by an inspection after reaching your premises following a booking request. Our technical experts identify the source of infestation and extent of infestation.

Then a treatment plan is adopted to remove the infestation with safe and eco friendly methods and solutions. After treatment re inspection is done to check any remaining pest infestation. If any pests are found treatment is applied till their presence is removed. Then disinfection is done in your property to remove microbial and pathogenic presence to render the environment safe, hygienic and germ free.

Easy Tips to Contain and Control Pest Presence

Pests enter in search of food, warmth and shelter. They also prefer dark, dirty and moist places. By making some easy and honest efforts as a regular habit pests can be kept at bay

  • Keep home, floors , walls and surfaces neat, clean and tidy
  • Repair leaky taps and water pipes
  • Keep garbage covered and avoid food spills on floors and counters
  • Dust and clean all furniture
  • Seal all cracks and crevices
  • Install door and window mesh
  • Keep food covered
  • Store grains and other dry food in tightly sealed jars
  • Do not keep over ripe fruits outside. Store in refrigerator
  • Allow light and air to circulate in your room
  • Keep bathrooms dry and clean
  • Vacuum your upholstery and carpets
  • Keep your pets clean and neat

Why Choose Over 247 Pest Control Sydney Others?

There are so many reasons why you should pick us among others. They include-

  • Easy booking and scheduling
  • Free quotes on inspection
  • Customized solutions and wide variety of pest treatment
  • Experienced and professional team of technically strong people with license and insurance
  • Our methods are effective, safe and environmentally safe
  • Follow up visits and valuable suggestions are provided
  • Round the clock services throughout the year
  • Affordable services with quality outcomes
  • Disinfection services done after treatment process is complete
  • Protected animals are removed and relocated safely and with care

Questions Frequently Asked

1. At what intervals is pest control recommended?
A yearly treatment is recommended by us. It may be done more than once if you have pets and children in your home.

2. Are your products safe?
Yes, the products we use for all our treatment are safe and environment friendly.

3. How long till you feel the effect of pest treatment?
It is dependent on the spread of infestation and the type of pest. You can benefit from the treatment by seeing the disappearance of pests in a day or two. This can take about a week for severe pest infestation.

4. Do you take bookings on holidays?
Yes we have extremely easy and flexible booking plans as we understand the convenience and availability of our clients. We operate round the clock.

Do you provide disinfection services?

Yes, after our pest control process is completed, we provide disinfection to eliminate the presence of all germs.

For total and effective relief from pests and pest infestations, call 247 Pest Control Sydney and avail the most affordable pest control solutions in Croydon – Today!

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