Possum Removal Sydney

Certified Team For Possum Removal Sydney

The team at 247 Pest Control Sydney is registered to be able to trap and release possums. Therefore, we can investigate and point out the exact locations where the possums are gaining entry and advise the homeowner to trim back trees or the air conditioning ducts that have not been sealed correctly. Thus, you can get our expert and professional pest control service team of possum removal Sydney and removers to get rid of your possum problem completely and in the most effective way.

It has been found that colder weather brings many pests indoors and provides easy access for possums by giving them access through vines that grow on the house that is too close to the roof. The possums may seem to be harmless pests until they start breeding, fighting and chasing each other. Possums tend to travel in pairs and mate for life. This disrupts the sleep of the unsuspected owners.

Possum Removal Sydney

If you’re in need of a possum catcher in Sydney, look no further than 247 Pest Control Sydney. Our team of experts specializes in humane possum removal and relocation.

When it comes to dealing with possums, it’s essential to trust professionals like 247 Pest Control Sydney who have extensive experience in handling these protected species.

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    Importance Of Possum Removal Services Sydney

    Possum removal is important because of the following reasons:

    1. They can upset your pets – While possums may not be bothering you and maybe considered harmless pests, the pets may completely disagree. The pet may not get along with the possum leading to fights in which both the animals can get hurt whereas the pet could possibly contract a disease from the possum.

    2. They tend to create a mess of your garbage – Possums usually have a bad reputation when it comes to making a mess of your garbage trash. Even if the dogs are the primary ones to start the trouble, the possum can make what was already a mess even worse.

    3. They can wreck your home – While you do not have to get tested for rabies if a possum sneaks into your home, you may have to contend with its large droppings and the pungent odour they release. Possums can also carry parasites, as well as other diseases.

    4. They can ruin your garden – Possums stay close to what they determine to be a constant food supply. Unfortunately, this can mean your garden. In addition to eating your plants and vegetables, possums can also continuously trample your garden on their trek through your yard, ruining your garden that way as well.


    1. Possum Inspection and Removal

    We are known for inspecting every possible corner of the property with the latest equipment and then taking necessary measures to get rid of the potentially harmful possums.

    2. Residential Possum Removal

    We are known to offer clients the best home possum removal services. We use the best methods that will work effectively in the environment of your residential property and will help you get rid of the possum at once.

    3. Commercial Possum Removal

    Possums in commercial sites can raise quite a few questions regarding the hygiene of the place and hence it can be worrying for the property owners. We offer services at commercial sites as well as residential sites.

    4. Pre-purchase Possum Inspection

    We are also known for providing the clients with the facility of pre-purchase possum inspection service which will provide the clients with the idea of whether you require the possum control or not.

    5. Emergency Possum Removal Service

    If you are in urgent need of controlling the existence of possum at your property, we will provide you with immediate emergency services. If you discover a massive infestation of possum and want to get rid of it at once, contact us right away for our emergency services.

    6. Same Day Possum Removal Service

    If you have an occasion for which guests would be visiting on a particular day and you are looking to get rid of the possums on that very day, then you can avail yourself of our same-day possum removal Sydney. Our expert team will visit the property and make it completely free of possums on that day itself. You can also hire us for Termite Control Service in Sydney at a low cost on same-day services.

    Why Choose Us as your Local Possum Catcher and Removal Expert?

    1. Affordable Possum Catchers: If you are looking for an effective and efficient Sydney Possum Removal service at a low cost that delivers long-term results, we are the perfect service provider for you. We also offer special deals and offers for our customers.

    2. Timely Service Providers: The expert team of professionals are extremely punctual and always on time. We understand the value of time and therefore, will reach the desired location at the exact time that was mentioned during the booking to start the pest control service without causing any delay.

    3. Local Possum Catchers: We are also popular for providing the clients with the best local experts who know the surroundings and will suggest corrective measures. We provide the best possum control services that will give long-term benefits.

    4. 24/7 Availability: You can reach out to us at any time of the day. We are available 24/7, all throughout the day for any queries or booking-related information. We have an effective customer care service team who will respond to your phone calls anywhere and at any time of the day. We hold Certificate III in Pest Control which further makes us a trustable team in Sydney.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is internal access needed for the possum treatment?

    This depends on the type of roof and whether the technician feels better access will be gained through a manhole. Therefore, access may not be required for all visits but definitely for the initial visit. The technician will advise if access is needed.

    Can I get your team on weekends and holidays?

    Yes, we are available to provide services on all days and in all situations. Thus, you can book us for possum removal services on weekends and holidays. 

    Why can’t possums be killed on my property?

    Possums are protected by the Sydney and other Australian Governments and therefore cannot be killed. They may be taken from their nests, which may be on your roof, but must be made sure to be released in a safe environment for them.

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