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Nobody likes the rodent’s presence on their property because of their destructive behaviour. Rodents do a lot of damage to buildings. Rats and mice cause many issues if you have any sick people, animals and babies at home. Rodent’s urine severely affects people with asthma and allergies. Rodents have warm blood and large teeth which they use for gnawing. Having them around can cause massive destruction and infestation. It is advisable to avail rodents control Sydney to avoid any damage and health issues.

Using chemicals to remove rodents on your own can also harm your pets and family. Don’t try to remove rodents on your own. It’s hard to catch them because they are fast. But professionals at 247 Pest Control Sydney can provide rodents treatment. Our controllers are capable of exterminating rodents and delivering Sydney’s best pest control service. Reach us to avail of same-day rodent pest control services. Our company also provides a bed bugs control service in Sydney.

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    Types of Rodent We Can Handle:


    These are the most found rodents in homes and buildings. There are different types of rats found in the world in various colors such as black, plain white and brown. They feed on nutritional products which include grain, nuts, etc. Rodents also feed the flesh and own feces. They spread and cause some serious health issues, and infections by contaminating food.


    Mouses are small and fast breeding. They can be found in households and woods. The mouse can eat anything but they mostly prefer vegetarianism. A mouse is around 10 times smaller than rats


    These are known as the second-largest rodent. They are mostly found in the wild. They have arched backs, obtrude noses and hardtail. Generally, they don’t bite someone but there can be painful. In the past few years, the beaver population has dropped because of excessive hunting.

    Harmful Diseases That Rodents Spread:

    Rat-Bite Fever:

    This is also called relapsing fever and bacterial fever. This disease is caused by the bacteria that rodents transmit after biting and scratching. Symptoms of these diseases include fever, nausea and inflammation.

    Murine Typhus:

    Rodents indirectly transmit these infectious diseases. Cough, Fever, rash, nausea, chillness and vomiting are the symptoms of this disease.


    Leptospirosis is a common disease and is known as 7 days fever, canicola fever, black jaundice and canefield fever. The bacteria of leptospirosis is caused by rats. This disease is caused by consuming animal urine and contaminated food and water. Symptoms of these diseases are a severe headache, high fever, irritated eyes, jaundice, vomiting and muscle pain.

    Signs Of A Rodent Infestation

    To defend against rodents, it is very essential to know rodent presence signs. Certain evidence to keep an eye out for them include:-

    • Small droppings at the back of cabinets and drawers, and along walls on the floor.
    • Gnaw or holes marks in food packing
    • Chewed materials or wires
    • Urine spots on shelves or cabinets and at the back of drawers
    • Tail drags and footprints in powders such as dust
    • Nesting materials such as cardboard, paper, insulation and other fibrous materials
    • Thumping or scratching in walls.

    Thus, if you come across any of the above indicators on your property, there may be chances of rodent infestation.

    Our Solution to your Rodent Control & Mice Control Problems

    We treat mice and rodent entry and exit points throughout your external wall cavities, eave lines, void roofs, internal harbourage areas, burrows, etc. Our rat and mice exterminator uses a multi-dose treatment process and not the traditional method of single feed baiting to make sure that your kids and pets are safe. With the single feed baiting method, there is a great risk of secondary poisoning. This generally occurs when pets consume dead rodents that are affected by single feed bait or in case the rodents chew or swallow a part of the bait to either eat it or take it back to their nest to feed the young ones. These droppings may be startled by your kids or pets which can cause serious health concerns. When your property is treated by professionals, they care for every aspect of your life, keeping your kids, pets and family safe.

    Steps You Can Follow to Prevent a Rodent Infestation:

    Rodents can affect your sleep and health. It’s important to exterminate and prevent rodents to live a peaceful and healthy life. Follow our effective steps to prevent rodents.

    • Sealing cracks and holes are the best way to stop and prevent rats and mice. From a small opening, outside house cracks, holes, vents and utility pipes seal everything.
    • Installing door sweeps and replacing or repairing the ventilation screens are important to prevent rodents.
    • Rodents attract by foods. Store food in tight containers so, rodents can’t reach them. And quickly discard the waste food.
    • Repair clogged drains and bathroom pipes which leak the water. Remove water source so rodents can’t reach them.

    If you observe any rodents and feel that you have a rodents infestation at your place then contact 247 Pest Control Sydney for rodents treatment.

    Why Choose Us for Rodent Pest Control Services?

    247 Pest Control Sydney is an old and renowned pest control company. We provide the best and most professional Rodents Pest Control Services. Our rodent control Sydney is available in both office and home. We hold Certificate III in Pest Control which further makes us a trustable team in Sydney.

    • Have proper knowledge and experience in rodent control
    • The crew of licensed and certified controllers
    • Known as Sydney’s best pest control service provider
    • Use of eco-friendly solutions and modern tools
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    Professionals at rodent control Sydney are experts in exterminating all kinds of rodents. Experience rodent control services in a single day of booking at an affordable cost. You can also hire us for termite control in Sydney at a low cost on same-day services.