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    Have you ever observed silver color small insects at your property? These types of insects are called silverfish. They come in the arthropods category and they are a common pest in Sydney. They are mostly found around food sources and water. Silverfish cause many health issues and damage papers, books, and clothing items. Get rid of silverfish from your property in a single service with professional silverfish control Sydney providers.

    247 Pest Control Sydney is a leading and professional silverfish control Sydney provider. With many years of experience, We are offering Sydney’s Best Pest Control service Sydney with effective results. Our team of controllers is experienced and expert in delivering silverfish pest control services. We are equipped with advanced technology and the best insecticides to offer safe and eco-friendly pest control services. Our controllers can easily remove silverfish from your property. Get rid of silverfish with our professional controllers at an affordable cost. Avail Silverfish Treatment on the same day of booking. We also offer ant control service in Sydney. For effective silverfish pest control in Sydney, rely on the expertise of 247 Pest Control Sydney.

    Harmful Effects That Silverfish Causes

    These nasty creatures can hurt you while flying because they are too fast. They hide in crevices and cracks. They can disturb and harm human life if you’ll try to disturb or remove it. It’s hard to find or search these insects because they are active at night and hide during the day. Silverfish can affect humans in many ways. These generally hide in the day and forge in the night and are a bit difficult to search.

    • Silverfish can affect our life by contaminating food because most of the time they make nests around food supply.
    • They feed and destroy silk, starchy food, book bindings, and yarn. 
    • Silverfish bites on materials which causes a yellow stain. 
    • They damage the plumbing pipes and linen piles by dwelling on them.  
    • Discarded skin of silverfish can be harmful to human beings because it causes allergies. 
    • The presence of silverfish cause asthma and increase problems for asthma patient. 
    • They can destroy sealed packages and cereals and breed in them. 

    Tips to Control Silverfish

    Follow these steps to remove or control silverfish from offices and homes.

    • Keep your litter and trash in check. Never leaves paper piles anywhere damp or dark place.
    • Fix all the cracks in garages and storage rooms.  
    • Always keep your libraries and bookshelves clean and keep checking for silverfish visible signs. 
    • Store food and paper material in sealed cupboards or airtight containers. 
    • Hire professional controllers from 247 Pest Control Sydney for Silverfish Treatment. 

    Our Effective Silverfish Control Treatments

    Silverfish Control Spray

    Our controllers spray the best solutions on all the silverfish inhabiting the area. Always remember to keep your pets and children away from treated areas until the spray dries.
    We Spray the floor and walls below and around cookers and washing machines to ensure the complete extermination of silverfish.

    Cyper Wp

    Our controllers spray Cypher on the baseboards and entry points. It is visible and wettable on a dark surface.


    We use baits to trap the silverfish because it attracts silverfish. Silverfish try to eat the bait and die.

    If you’re struggling to deal with silverfish then contact 247 Pest Control Sydney for an effective and best Pest Control Services.

    Why Choose Us for Silverfish Control Sydney?

    247 Pest Control Sydney is known as Sydney’s Best Pest Control service provider. We offer silverfish pest control services for both offices and home places. Our service is cost-effective and delivers excellent results. 

    • Many years of experience in this industry
    • Uses the exceptional and eco-friendly treatments
    • Advanced equipment and sprays
    • Team of licensed and qualified controllers
    • 24*7 excellent customer service
    • 100% satisfaction 

    Our expert controllers can remove and eradicate silverfish on the same day of booking from both commercial and residential areas. Reach us to avail silverfish control Sydney at an affordable cost. You can also hire us for Spider Control in Sydney at a low cost on same day services.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I get rid of silverfish in my house in Australia?

    Ans: Use sticky traps, dried bay leaves, newspaper, and cedar oil to naturally remove silverfish from your premises. Or else call pest control services immediately if the infestation is severe.

    2. How do you get rid of silverfish permanently?

    Ans: The easiest way to get rid of silverfish permanently is to practise good hygiene, keep your home tidy and secured, check that there isn’t any moisture accumulation on your property, and invest in routine pest control services.

    3. What kills silverfish fast?

    Ans: Using boric acid to treat mild infestation is the best way, however, to promptly get rid of these nasty critters, seeking professional assistance is the best choice.

    4. Does seeing one silverfish mean an infestation?

    Ans: Since silverfish are nocturnal pests, it might be challenging to spot them, but even one living silverfish is a fair sign that you have an active infestation somewhere within the house.

    5. Why are there so many silverfish in my house?

    Ans: Access to food and moisture accumulation is the reason why silverfish have infested your house and is probably the only reason why you are finding so many silverfish in your house. Contact 247 Pest Control Sydney to eliminate these nasty critters right away.

    6. Can silverfish live on the carpet?

    Ans: Yes, silverfish can survive and feed on the carpet, but they won’t usually be found there since they need moisture. Instead, you’ll typically find them around leaky faucets, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs.


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