Some Ant Facts You Should Be Aware Of Ants

Ants have been listed among the common pests that can be present in your house. There are approximately more than 10 thousand species of ants and some of them are dangerous. Ants are dangerous because they can contaminate your food easily and make you prone to various harmful diseases. Not only this they can make your house as their permanent house and spoil the interior look. Having a spoiled interior would result in putting a bad impression on other people. There are chances that you might have one or more species infestation of ants in your house. Some of the key facts provided by ant pest control services provider that you should know.

Ant Pest Control Services
Ant Pest Control Services

Types of Ants

Ants usually inhabit in three major castes and this helps them to find out their function in the colony: 

  • Worker Ants –

    The worker ants are infertile as well as small females. These ants are able to live for many years and do all the work inside the colony such as caring for larvae and eggs, repairing and building nests, protecting nest as well as finding food. 
  • Ant Drones –

    Drones are known to be fertile male ants. The male ants are known to be smaller in comparison to females. Ant pest control experts concluded that they emerge in the nesting of ants for mating with the queen. The drone usually dies in 14 days after mating with the queen ant. 
  • Queen Ants –

    Queen ants are known to be fertile female ants, which lays eggs for the entire colony of ants. These ants can also live for approximately 15 years. The queen of ants is known to be present inside the nest most of the time because they play a very important role inbreeding. 
  • Ants in Your Home –

    Most of the ants present in your house are females that forage for food sources. Ants are known to follow the invisible trail left by other ants, which takes them to a particular source of food. Hence, ant pest control services provider suggests treating the entire nest instead of treating only ants because other ants will enter your house following the trail. 

The foraging ants can easily fit in the small cracks as well as crevices to gain entry inside your house for a meal. The common entry points involve seams, cracks in your wall, gaps present in the foundation, open windows have screens, opening window frames and doors sealed poorly. Moreover, the ants can also catch easily a ride inside your house with your family members and items such as garden tools, products, and toys.  

Ant Pest Control
Ant Pest Control

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